Same-Sex Divorce in CT


How Do I Find A Law Firm That Will Handle My Same-Sex Divorce in CT?


Finding an attorney who will adequately and zealously represent you through your same-sex separation, or divorce, may seem daunting, but ultimately, you should look for an attorney who makes you feel comfortable.  We tell all of our potential clients to select an attorney with whom you can have a good rapport.  The dissolution process can be difficult and it is imperative that you trust your attorney and feel comfortable speaking with him or her.

Ultimately, find a law firm that is sensitive to issues and concerns pertaining specifically to the LGBTQ community, and who are well-versed in matters similar to yours.  It may be as simple as finding an attorney that will sit down with you for an initial consultation so you can make sure they are a good fit -that is usually the first step in the right direction.


Why Choose Wolf & Shore Law Group to Represent You in Your Same-Sex Marriage?


Have you ever argued with a woman? That’s our slogan for a reason. We are on your side, and we advocate for you zealously. We have handled many same-sex marriages in CT, including those with their own intricate custody issues. It is imperative that if you have any custody concern in your matter, your attorney understands the jurisdictional requirements and correct motions to file to seek the relief that you want.  Attorneys Kristen Wolf and Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore have represented numerous members of the LGBTQ community  in New Haven & Hamden CT, and have a combined 20 years’ experience of helping clients settle their cases. Learn more about how we can help and get started on the process now by contacting us at (203) 745-3151 or info@ for a confidential consultation.