Restraining Orders in CT

How Do I Get A Restraining Order?

Restraining Orders can be filed by anyone in immediate physical or psychological danger. You can also get a restraining order to protect your children if you believe that they are in immediate physical or psychological danger. There are a variety of forms that have to be filled out, including a sworn affidavit attesting to the immediate danger.

Once you sign your affidavit of facts, your attorney’s office will have to file your Restraining Order in person with the court. The court will usually make a decision to grant or deny the restraining order within one (1) business day.

Should your restraining order be granted, it will go into effect immediately and a State Marshal will serve it upon the respondent. If your restraining order is denied, you will be assigned a court date within ten (10) days so that you can further argue the motion, if necessary.


Why Choose Wolf & Shore Law Group to Help You with Your Restraining Order?

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