Reinstatement of Guardianship (Juvenile Court)

How Do I Reinstate My Guardianship of My Children In Juvenile Court?

You may be able to reinstate guardianship of your child(ren) after you have been removed as your child’s guardian. To do so, you need to either file an application in juvenile court or probate court. You can usually file this application roughly six months after your guardianship has been removed, although you do need grounds to do so. It is imperative that you set forth appropriate factual information in order to have a successful petition.

Reinstatement of guardianship is only option if your guardianship was removed temporarily. If your guardianship was removed permanently, you are unable to reinstate such, and, if you want to be more involved with your child(ren)’s lives, you may want to look at a creative family plan to help facilitate that.

Why Should I Retain Wolf & Shore Law Group to Defend Me Reinstate My Guardianship?

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